Window Blinds

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Window Blinds

Everything You Need To know About Buying Window Blinds Dubai

A window is often considered as something of secondary importance while decorating the room, but in actuality, it is the most crucial part of the room. The window decoration is an integral part of room decor as an expertly designed window gives a look of aesthetics to your room.

Window blinds Dubai gives your room a touch of elegance with its modern design. Blinds are of different types and structures you have to keep in mind the overall structure and layout of your room and window.

The window blinds vary from the roller, vertical, Venetian, etc. that are available in both wood and metal. Also, the shades are available to control the conservatories of heat.


The first thing to keep in consideration is the location of the screens as in which room you intend to put that specific window blinds.

If it is for the bedroom, choose some blackout stuff like roman blinds, and for the dining room, opt for some light window blinds that can allow partial sunlight.


For humid rooms like the kitchen and bathroom, you should avoid using natural stuff like linen, wooden, cotton, or silk.

As there are chances of these stuff of rotting and so they are less durable. Instead, if you go for something like aluminum or faux wood, they will look more moderate and sustainable.

You can also go for waterproof PVC roller blinds.

Suitability Of Window Blinds

If your room is facing the sun and you want it bright and fresh during the day time, then vertical blinds will be the best choice for you.

Whereas for bedrooms you can use bottom-up roller blinds firstly they keep the room well lit, and secondly, they preserve your privacy.

Measuring the area of the window blind requires some careful steps. First, choose whether you want to install the window blinds Dubai inside the window or outside.

For inside measure, the exact size of the window takes measurements from the top, bottom and width, take three measurements and choose the one that is the smallest. For outdoor window blinds, double drop your size and extend it to a few more millimeters.

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