Sofa Upholstery

Taj Furniture LLC offers high-quality curtains at a Flat 20% OFF.
Apart from curtains, we also offer their accessories and services for your ease.

Breathtaking Choices Crafted with Finesse

Taj presents sophisticated sofa upholstery services with a broad selection of fabrics. Sofa upholstery services include the preparation of leather and fabric items, as well as cutting, stitching, and lace sewing.

Our upholstery services enable you to preserve the comforts of the sofas you love. With bespoke, handmade detailing and rich fabric options, our professional technicians will breathe new life into your furniture.

Our team understands the unique properties of leather and uses only the best materials and expert techniques to restore it to its original beauty. Our upholstery fabrics come in a variety of textures and designs, so you are sure to find one that matches your preferences, whether they're modern, transitional, or classic. They are also manufactured to fulfil our criteria for strength, abrasion resistance, and colour fastness.

We Expertly Customize & Install Your Curtains Fabric

To meet your requirements & interior design preferences, we present you with full customization options and expert installation treatments for blackout  curtains.

You can now select  styling, fabric type, measurements, patterns , color contrast, and accessorizing for your blackout wall or window curtains.

Eclipse Kendall Thermaback Blackout Single Panel

If you want to experience the darkness, beauty, and silence at the same time, then eclipse curtains are one of the best choices in blackout curtains Dubai type. Its ultra-fashionable darkening panels block out 99.5% outdoor light with 40% of unwanted noise and helps to save your home heating and cooling cost. It gives you the combination of functionality with versatility and style that you need to improve any room in your home. You can hang them up in your media room, dining area, bedroom, kid’s room, or nursery. The innovative triple-weave design allows you to enjoy light-blocking, noise-reducing, and energy-saving benefits while providing the same style and elegance of naturally flowing curtains.

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Josephine Scala

I hired them for soundproof curtains installation in my office. These guys are really quick and experts at their work. They aligned the entire velvet wall curtain in just some minutes flawlessly. Recommended!

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