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Handmade Rugs Taj Furniture Dubai

Over 1500+ handmade wool and acrylic rugs in stock. Available in traditional, modern,floral oriental and abstract designs Buy at Handmade Rugs Dubai Browse Our Collection. Handmade-Rugs Dubai, also known as Oriental Rugs, are in huge fashion and demand nowadays.

These rugs are for famous for their mystique and enigmatic appeal.  The history of Handmade Rugs has roots in 5th Century in Central Asian countries like Iran, India and Turkey, where nomadic roamers used their hand-woven rugs for multi-utility as wall decoration tent cover; floor cover, furniture cover.

Handmade Rugs Dubai

Handmade Rugs Dubai are the instances of uniqueness and beauty associated in each design, showing the great influence of arts when woven with use of natural colors and fiber. The numbers of attributes associated with handmade-rugs Dubai  makes them unique from each design so that every new pattern reflects a special feeling.

Some most famous Handmade Rugs Dubai are the Oriental Rug, Afghan Rugs, Kilim Rugs , Turkish Rugs, Ardabil Rugs, Bukhara Rugs, Chinese Rugs, Contempo Rugs, Esfahan Rugs, Gabbeh Rugs, Ghashghai Rugs, Ghotan Rugs, Hamadan Rugs,  Karabagh Rugs, Kashmar Rugs, Kashkuli Rugs, , Lahore Rugs, Luri Rugs, Mahal Rugs, Mahi Rugs, Heriz Rugs, India Rugs, Indus Rugs, Jozan Rugs, Mashad Rugs, Moroccan Rugs, Mughal Rugs, Pakistani Rugs, Saber Rugs,  Tehran Rugs, Yazd Rugs, Sirjan Rugs, Sino Rugs, Zanjan Rugs etc. Suppliers of Handmade-Rugs Dubai are quite stringent regarding the quality of rugs that they sell.

Handmade Rugs

They make it a point to find this out and ensure the age has not crossed 40. Those rugs are considered to be the best in quality which are thin in width. The age and thickness of handmade-rugs Dubai are the two final factors they are intrigued about. Antique Rugs that are more than 40 years old are said to be past their prime.

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